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Why West Tennessee Consulting?

Our Purpose is Clear: Solutions Tailored for People

WTC understands the inherit risks that our clients carry, with everything they do, but mitigating the costs of finding educated, qualified and experienced IT experts is more than a risk, it's almost impossible in todays climate. The task of being able to interest the top flight talent to help your company, let alone pay and retain them, is often a complicated and frequently unachievable goal.

Due to these circumstances, smaller to midsize companies, often have to either live with canned software, implemented by the sellers marginal talent, or they are forced to rely on a computer person, who may have lots of experience, but little real knowledge. Their knowledge is developed and limited to the programs and functions, they inherited at a company where they were employed. In fact they may have been alone in their understanding of a software platform that has been in use 15 years beyond its life-cycle.

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We are experienced

In today's world, having access to a team of degreed, computer science engineers, fully conversant with all current trends in computing and IT infrastructure, being easily accessible, is a concept most companies can not easily grasp. Even if they have found that unicorn of a supplier, the reality of affordability typically brings them back to square one.

WTC is here to change this reality. We believe that utilization of the tools and strategies of modern software and combinations of cloud or hybrid computing, can help enhance your companies platform. When working on your projects, we always intend to provide solutions tailored for better, faster, less costly achievement of your needs.